Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Office Live is not about Google Docs

Most of you that have browsed through new product from Google, must have known Google Docs. Yes, it is an online document creation tool. Current version, Google provide you tool to create Word Document and Spreadsheet Document online. Aside from the pros and cons of this tool, it is a good alternative tool to create document FREE. I had experienced before that I need to compose some simple report, but I had just uninstalled my Office 2007 beta and my Office 2003 seem couldn't be opened without repairing. With short of time, I successfully composed the document using Google Docs and produced the PDF version. But, I don't think it can replace the desktop version of Microsoft Office, or even gain any market share from Microsoft Office.

But beside that, I heard some people comment that competitior to Google Docs will be Office Live. Well, it's wrong. Office Live is not about online Document Creation. But it is more about a "set of small business services, such as email, web hosting and contact-management software" [CNET news]. So it has nothing to do with the Microsoft Office online version. But if you notice the development of next version of Sharepoint 2007, there is a new feature call Excel Service, which provide basic excel function that is accessible through browser. Well, it will be old technology, if you think it has anything to do with ActiveX. It's actually purely Javascript and XML (AJAX) with HTML interface. Microsoft Office 2007 is due to release on the first quarter of 2007, well let wait and see. Meanwhile you can try the beta version of Office 2007.


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