Saturday, September 16, 2006

Life Efficiency

What do you think about the picture at the left side? I have taken the picture few months ago. Around August, there is fireworks to celebrate National Day 2006. Because of extravagant fireworks, people queue for long time to get best position to view. And it included me and my friend waiting there for around 3-4 hours, just for 15 minutes show (how pathetic is that?). Along the waiting, I notice most of the family or couple come with mats, newspaper, or whatever as their seat. Haha, I didn't prepare anything, so just sat on the ground. One interested thing happened, one family come with a pack of Credit Card application brochures. At first, I think they want to distribute the credit card application. But surprisingly, they put and arrange the brochures as their mat. Alas, what will the bank marketing feel about this? Haha, how efficient this family is. But, at the end, the fireworks was really nice. I get quite good position to view. Sorry for the lousy quality of picture as it's originated from my phone video camera.


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