Friday, June 30, 2006

IE 7 Beta 3

Just received new beta version of IE 7. Well, with the installer size about 12MB, I won't take too long time to download. But installing quite need some time, cause this installer version need the beta 2 of IE 7 to be removed first, restart, validate window, download update, run Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool, Install IE 7 core, and at last restart again.

First impression of beta 3 is new Icon, especially Favorites and Add New Favorites icon. I like previous icon better. Next is the rearranging tab. I guess I will like this feature the best. If you are developer and use VS 2005, you already knew this feature. It enable you to reorganize the tab.

I hope bug from beta 2, especially with navigation back and forward has been fixed. When using Beta 2, sometimes back button jumped back two or three steps. So if you browse to page A, page B and page C, I clicked back from Page C, browser will jump to page A, instead of Page B, quite annoying. I try to navigate in Beta 3, it seems this bug has been fixed. Well, need more testing.

Overall, it's worthed to try. IE 7 Beta 3.

Download it here


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