Saturday, June 10, 2006

Google Spreadsheet

Google has just recently announced another cool product call Google Spreadsheet. Well, spreadsheet, and our mind will be automatically switched to Microsoft Excel. How this product will be compared to Microsoft Excel, too early to tell, since Google Spreadsheet is still in beta version.

My first impression using Google Spreadsheet, is impressive. Although the function provided is very limited, but basic task I want to do with spreadsheet is there. Several problem I found so far, there's time to process some basic function, like add row or add column. Its collaboration function is very cool. From my programmer perspective, it's very cool to develop this kind of product purely using javascript and HTML.

Some experts comment out whether we really need Spreadsheet on the web or not. But believe it or not, the next version of Microsoft Office (2007), have advance feature for Excel, call Excel Service, combine with Sharepoint Services, we can create and edit excel in browser too, and top of that, it won't need any ActiveX, just pure Javascript and HTML. So, Spreadsheet on web? Who need it?

If you are interested to try it, you can request to

Updated: Google has finally released Google Docs: Well done, Google!


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