Tuesday, March 07, 2006

GDrive, GDS and Lighthouse

This is new rumour that already spread over the internet. Google has a new initiative to offer online storage service. At Forbes, one of Google chief executive has already confirmed the existence of GDrive, an initiative that allow users to store their personal file on Google servers and access them on the web.

Previously Google has published one PowerPoint Slide that was removed later. There's three terms was informed inside that Slide: GDrive, GDS and Lighthouse. Idea of GDrive is quite easy to understand, it's like huge storage accessible through internet. GDS maybe refer to Google Desktop that is currently already in version 2. So, what is Lighthouse? Not so much information about this, some predict that this will be a security function that control access to documents and folders (ZdNet). "For example: a user's Orkut profile has more value when it's accessible from Gmail (as addressbook), Lighthouse (as access list)"


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