Thursday, February 23, 2006

8 Flavors of Windows Vista

Although haven't officially announced by Microsoft, some rumours already spreaded over internet that Microsoft next long-awaited (at least for me) OS, Windows Vista, will be divided into 7 to 8 version. Although many criticized as too many and possibly confuse user, but just let see how Microsoft manage its marketing strategy.

1. Windows Starter 2007
2. Windows Vista Home Basic
3. Windows Vista Home Premium
4. Windows Vista Business
5. Windows Vista Small Businss
6. Windows Vista Enterprise
7. Windows Vista Ultimate
8. N Editions

Limitied functionality and cheapest one is Windows Starter 2007, only targeted at low-end and low-cost PC. For Home user there's two options now, compare to one version of Windows XP Home Edition. For business or office users, there're three options now. And Ultimate edition, combine Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Enterprise. And the latest one N Editions, is just targeted at European market, in order to meet anti trust ruling there.

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