Thursday, December 30, 2004

Terrible, Catastrophic Disaster at Aceh and North Sumatera

Huge disaster had happenned one day after christmas, at Aceh, Indonesia. As I write this (12/30/2004 15:37), victims reported has surpassed 77,000 and predicted will be more than 100,000. At Indonesia alone, more than 42,000 had lossed their soul. Many pray for victims who survive or not.
May God bless and give strength those who survive from earthquake and tsunami. And for those who died, rest in peace, may God take their souls to His arm.

Update (12/31/2004 1:32AM) : The death toll from Sunday's quake-tsunami devastation rocketed to more than 120,000 on Thursday as workers uncovered more bodies from Indonesia's Sumatra island.


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