Saturday, October 21, 2006

IE7 and Firefox

IE7 finally hits the road this week. I have used IE7 since beta version until latest RC, and at the same time, firefox 2.0. Well, since Firefox 2.0 is still in RC and will be released soon (around 24 Oct 2006), so any comparison here can be outdated. I have read huge comment about these two products floating around news website and blog. After eliminating some unreasonable negative comments by some huge fans, both receive relatively well review.

IE7 is upgraded from IE6 since 5 years ago. Such a long update, people can hope a big jump of features. The most recognized ones are Tab Browsing, Phising Filtering, much efficient UI, RSS, etc. Well, most of features here are already there in Firefox 1 and will be in Firefox 2. So Microsoft here is more in catch-up to browser competition. If Microsoft didn't spend 5 years to upgrade its browser, it wouldn't lose its market share to Mozilla. Hope next version of IE7 won't take so long time.

IE7 is surprisingly take huge amount of time and OS restart to be installed. For my IBM T43 machine, it takes about 20 minutes to install, and almost makes me frustrated because I start the installation during my office hour. Well, Firefox RC3 only takes about 3-5 minutes.

User Interface
Since beta version, I like so much in new IE interface. It just make you feel this is new, this is new. Although some of my friends feel too much changes, difficult to use, don't know where to click, but I think this will take about several times use to get used to. Compare to Firefox RC3, IE7 wins in this criteria. With Menu, Google toolbar, and several tab are activated, IE7 takes less space than Firefox.

Need to Fix
I notice sometimes IE7 can take huge amount of processor time, and it makes the whole IE7 browser just not responding at all. It's really annoying. What I can do, it's just end task from task manager. I don't know it just only happens to my machine or not.


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