Saturday, October 28, 2006

Something with Apple Ads

I usually browse to Apple Website to browse on the trailer on the Quicktime section. I like it. Well, yesterday, I found some advertisement from Apple for its MacOS (which I first look from CNET News ( Overall the advertisement is quite funny, which at least can make you smile. Something that annoyed me is how Apple try to make his competitor look dirty and smelly (aka bad). AFAIK, usual advertisement will try this implicitly, not to mention specific to certain brand. I think this is ethical for business competition. But for Apple case, he is so specifically mention that this is PC, which most of them are Microsoft Windows. And some of them also mention that MacOS is like virus-free, which I think, hmm.. Even, if you watch Developer Conference, some funny statement like "Welcome to Vista 2.0", "Start your photocopier machine", etc. Don't get me wrong, although I don't use MacOS regularly, but I like the overall experience of Mac. It is just my work that I am unable to easily switch OS.

Latest case, that MacOS has bug that the OS can restart suddenly. Apple has announced that bug has been fixed after 4 months. Haha, someone suggest to add one more advertisement that Mac People can appear and then suddenly disappear, appear, disappear again. How cool is that?
Actually it's quite the same as "restarting" clip.


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