Thursday, January 27, 2005

UI Engine

After completing one small project at Citibank (that got my skill back to Basic), I haven't been allocated for any project yet. So I got an inisiative to create, what i call it, UI Engine (User Interface Engine). The idea is to allow grid/list and forms can be generated automatically from any metadata, like XML. Current Engine just supports Web Application. So, instead of creating form manually using HTML or Server Control, application that has so many list and forms and some form that has so many fields, can get benefit from this engine. The (base) metadata itself also automatically generated. With metadata, the UI configuration get easier.
My previous project had used this auto-generated mechanism, but it's still very restrictive, it's very hard to insert anything (like Javascript, or just HTML), that was not supported, because the previous engine generated out just HTML, that is very hard to control (even though using regular expression). But, it's been proved very useful.
Instead of generating HTML, current UI Engine generate Server Control. Used some Event-Driven mechanism, developer can still control the generating process.
Use some pattern to handle certain process.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Microsoft Anti SpyWare Beta

I've just installed Microsoft Anti Spyware Beta Version, that's just released today (January 08, 2005). If you're aware critical threat of any spyware/adware, just give this application a try. It's free in beta edition. I hope that Microsoft will keep it free ever after until final version, everyone who have used Windows, is deserved to have this tool a long time ago free. And hope Microsoft will keep its head up for security.

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